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Posted on April 22nd, 2021 · Posted in Latest News

UFRC Covid-19 Update


The NI Executive has decided to release the restrictions in relation to Sport and Physical from 12 April and a further release has been announced from 23 April 2021.


The relevant section of the regulation states:

“From 12 April, structured outdoor sport training for up to 15 people can resume if organised by clubs/individuals affiliated to recognised sports’ governing bodies or representative organisations for sport and physical activity”.

“From 23 April, squad training can resume, as well as competitive outdoor sports. No spectators are permitted and numbers (including officials, participants, management and support personnel) should be restricted to the minimum number required for the delivery of the event and should not exceed 100”.


To comply with the regulations any individual /club needs to be able to satisfy the following criteria:

  • they are affiliated to or have membership of a body/organisation that has oversight of the standards of their provision;
  • they have appropriate Return to Sport Covid protocols in place.


UFRC has been recognised as the sport’s governing body and affiliated clubs have started to organise walks again after 12 April. Groups that are not affiliated remain under the restriction that they should comprise of no more than 10 people from 2 households and travel only locally. As a Governing Body we ask for strict adherence from the Rambling Clubs to the following protocol.

  • The restriction on the numbers (was 15) is lifted from 23 April. However, all clubs must take in account that the higher the number of walkers in each group the higher is the chance of transmission of the virus and hence we advise clubs that the maximum number permitted by a club on any given walk should be limited by their ability to meet all the other conditions contained in the guidance re crowding and parking etc.
  • Each club should appoint a COVID safety officer.
  • It is important to register the participants of the walk, in order to deal with any potential test and trace questions that may arise later.
  • Walkers should only participate when they are free off symptoms such as fever, new persistent cough or loss of smell and/or taste.
  • The guidance to travel only locally does not apply when going to an event organised by an appropriately recognised club.
  • There should be no car sharing unless people belong to the same household/bubble.
  • Members should continue to observe social distancing rules during the walks.
  • Members should not exchange food or equipment with other members during the walk.
  • When having been in contact with potentially contaminated surfaces, members should apply hand disinfectants.
  • Walk leaders should carry at least three disposable face masks to enable close contact, in case one of the walkers requires first aid treatment.
  • Avoid going to places that you think may be crowded.
  • Have an alternative parking area in mind in case the car park you have chosen is full when you arrive.
  • Do not park in a manner that obstructs local residents, farmers or the emergency services.













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