Posted on January 4th, 2013 · Posted in Latest News

It is a difficult time for retailers. This year has seen the closure of Rohan and Tiso, both of whom we were working with to have events such as open nights. UFRC  considers that our relationship with discount providers should be a two way process – they give us discount, and we give them publicity with the opportunity to increase sales  Online sales are a feature of life, but  advice and knowledge are  valued assets. Some of our local stores are online as well, and can include the click and collect approach. What is certain is that if we lose our local stores, we will lose that personal service which is so valuable. With this in mind, the intention is to concentrate on these local retailers, so that ideally every club has one within easy travelling distance. In order for this to work, all we would ask is that before purchasing gear, you check our discount page and look at your local supplier. It would also be appreciated if club office bearers are aware of a local outdoor supplier that is not on our list, but your members tend, or want to use, please let me know through our administrative assistant.

As a reminder, here is a bare list, in the order that they are on the UFRC web site, where there is much more detail.


  • Cotswold Outdoor
  • JacksonSports
  • Ecco Shoe store
  • Discover OutdoorsUK( The Scout Shop)
  • SurfMountain 


  • Mid Antrim Camping


  • Crory’s
  • Downshire Camping




  • Portwest


  • Mountain Trail


  • Hilltrekker


  • Head2toe


  • The Sports Studio


Also the Dingle GateHolidayHostel and Quo Software.


                David S. Oldfield