First Step Navigating Skills (Women Only)

Posted on January 14th, 2015 · Posted in Latest News, UFRC Courses

Date: 22nd March 2015. Cost £41

No previous experience required, just a very basic level of fitness for a gentle day’s walking on the hill on tracks and across open / rough countryside.

Please note this course is for ‘Women Only’.

Research has shown that women participate less than men in outdoor activity. Tollymore National Outdoor Centre is committed to taking positive action to address this imbalance aimed at increasing female participation, hence why we have now decided to run a series of ‘Women Only’ courses including this course along with First Step Mountain Biking Skills, Open Canoeing Skills and Climbing Wall Skills. Please note all these courses are provided at a reduced daily rate.

This course will be based in the Mournes on mountain and hill terrain.

It is hoped to impart a basic level of understanding of:

  • Contours and feature recognition
  • Measuring distance
  • Basic use of the compass
  • Planning and walking a navigation leg
  • Hazard awareness
  • Route planning

 This course is for those females who are new to hill walking and want a gentle introduction to the basic skills and equipment to make it safe, comfortable and enjoyable.

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