Can Music Help You Walk….

Posted on August 22nd, 2012 · Posted in Latest News

Can Music Help You Walk at a speed that will allow you meet curent phyusical activity guidelines.

are invited to take part in a research study investigating the influence of music on walking speed.

You are invited to volunteer if:

* You have NOT been involved in regular exercise during the last six months

* Male or female aged between 18-40 years old.

If you agree to participate, we will ask you to:

* Complete a physical activity questionnaire

* To take part in a short walking test, firstly walking to music and then walking without music – while wearing an accelerometer and a heart rate monitor
during the study.

The test will only take 25 minutes of your time.

By volunteering for this study you will be contributing to an increased understanding of whether or not music helps individuals increase their
physical activity levels.

If you are interested in participating and have any questions, please contact Eoin Gillan by email: