Belfast Walking Club

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Secretary: Margaret Toal
Email: [email protected]

Our Club was formed in July 1983 with the following aims:

To provide a programme of organised walks.
To secure and maintain the right to walk in the countryside, on public paths, mountain tracks and open moorland.
To encourage recreational walking and the appreciation of the countryside.
To help protect the natural beauty from despoliation.


Prospective new members should attend 2 or 3 walks before applying to join the club.  The club reserves the right to refuse or discontinue membership if it considers this to be in the club’s best interest.  Members not having access to their own transport are advised that whilst the club will make every effort to provide lifts, please note that this may not always be possible.


CLOTHING should be warm, waterproof and windproof – wool / wool mix garments are best as wool retains much of its insulating properties when wet.  Denim jeans are NOT recommended.  In cold weather your clothing should trap as much air as possible (it is the number of layers that count)  i.e. two light sweaters are better than one heavy one.

Lightweight waterproof jackets and over-trousers keep you warm as well.  Jackets should be almost knee-length to allow for sitting on wet surfaces.  Over-trousers should have zipped leg gussets to permit easier movement over boots.  It is sensible to have some part of your garb brightly coloured – you may need to be rescued some day!!

FOOTWEARBOOTS MUST BE WORN.  Fell walking boots with moulded rubber soles (vibram or similar) are recommended.  These provide ankle support on rough ground and good grip on steep slopes.  The sewn-in tongues help keep feet dry and a size larger than normal footwear to take an extra pair of socks is recommended.

FOOD – Packed lunches should be carried on all walks, along with sufficient water.

FIRST AID – A personal first aid kit should be carried on all walks.

RUCKSACKS – A lightweight day sac is ideal.  Bags over one shoulder are not recommended – a rucksack allows arms free to balance.

DOGS – must NOT be brought as most walks are in sheep country and dogs are a source of worry to farmers. 

DO NOT WALK IN FRONT OF THE LEADER even if you know the route.  Do not straggle behind.  Keep in a compact group especially in the mountains. If conditions deteriorate it is the leader’s decision to cancel, cut short or alter a walk route after taking into consideration the capabilities of all walkers and making safety a priority.  

TRANSPORT – Drive in convoy.  Slow down or stop if you lose sight of the car behind, except where the route is obvious.  Petrol costs are shared – each walker pays £3- £5 per day and the money is shared between the drivers elected that day. (£3 within a 30 mile radius of Belfast  £5 for further a field)

MEETING POINTS – The meeting point for each walk is shown on the programme with walk details.  Cars will leave the meeting point at 10.05 sharp.

MEMBERSHIP FEE – £10 Annually.

All walks are circular unless marked A – B

Hon. Secretary:          Margaret Toal        Tel: 02890812735                   Email: [email protected]